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On Vox: Privacy International - Fools

I see that Hi5 made the list of Privacy International as posing a substantial threat to users' privacy.  I find that their methodology is extremely suspect.  I can't spot any consistency in the way they treat sites.

These guys dinged us because our point of contact for Privacy is our legal counsel.  He is, but he's also the guy calling Malaysia at 3AM to get phishing sites shut down.  We do a lot around here.

Also, these guys claim they had a pop-up advertisement show up when they clicked on the privacy page.  I know for a fact that this is not possible.  No advertising code is used on those pages, never has, never will.  These idiots must have had some kind of malware installed to cause that to occur.

In any case, we'll let Google and them fight it out.  We don't need validation from some poor excuse for a privacy group.  We protect our users and give them the tools to protect their privacy.

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